Information Booklet Challenge Kaiserwinkl-Walchsee 2020

AGO Sports
Auweg 21b
6112 Wattens

AGO-Sports GmbH
Auweg 21b
6112 Wattens

Date/Starting Place/Finishing Place:
June 28,2020

Competition Authorities

Competition Jury:
Event leader and referee

Race Directors:
Ilona Klingler
Andreas Klingler

Arbitrating Body:
Club representatives (head),
organization representatives and
representatives of referees

Competition regulations:

The event is subject to the competition regulations of the Austrian Triathlon Federation.

With their entry participants acknowledge and accept the competition regulations, the legal order and the code of procedure. These regulations are intended for the purpose of creating equal opportunity for all participants and cannot be appealed against in court. Compliance with and acknowledgement of these regulations is an absolute prerequisite for entering this event.

Each participant is responsible for the technical safety of their equipment and must see to it that equipment conforms to the regulations. Special regulations will be announced at the race briefing.


Controls according to the regulations of WADA and the national NADA anti-doping agency.

Competitions and Distances:

Individual Competition and Relay Competition: 1,9 km / 90km / 21 km

Entitled to Participate:

Only triathletes
a) with a valid licence of their national triathlon federation or

b) with a one-day membership.

A one-day membership can be requested with your entry for EUR 10.
Participants for the individual race must be at least 18 years of age.
Participants in the relay race must have a minimum age of 18 years.


a) Registration takes place via online registration on the internet. (

The right to a starting place is only in effect after receipt of payment, provided that there are sufficient starting place capacities.

The list of starters can be viewed on the Internet.
Should the above-listed account not be credited within 14 days after entry, the entry can be cancelled.

b) Participation is an exclusively personal right and each participant must pick up their starting materials in person and be in possession of a valid starting pass, which must be presented in conjunction with an ID card/passport at the distribution office or at other control spots of the organization. Without starting pass a one-day membership must be acquired. Participants of the relay race need no starting pass or no day membership respectively.

c) Exchanging of starting places is not possible. The organizer reserves the right to reject entries for reasons important to them or to issue a suspension respectively.
The organizer also has the right to any time disqualify athletes for reasons important to them in agreement with the competition jury. Participants that have been disqualified for obvious fraud will get no starting permission for the following two years.

Deadline for entries: June 11, 2021

Starting fees:

The starting fee depends on the entry date.

Detailed information about the entry fee and registration fee you can find on our registration page.

The entry fee includes the following services:

– race Organisation

– bike and run course on compleately closed roads

– Start present

– Time taking

– Lending chip (If the lending chip is not returned after the event at the bike check-out EUR 50,- will be charged.)

– Refreshment during the competition

– Refreshment in the athletes’zone

– Massages after the race

– Finisher medal

– Finisher shirt

– Kaiserschmarrn party

– Certificate

One-day membership

A one-day membership can be acquired at the rate of EUR 10. If a licence is not produced on time, the licence fee is not reimbursed. The licence must be presented on picking up the starting materials, otherwise the one-day membership of EUR 10 is charged.

Cancellations and partial refund of starting fees

Exchanging of entries is not possible.

A partial refund of the starting fee is possible for participants who cancel in writing to a certain date (receipt):

After this date no refunds are possible. Possible bank fees are to the expense of participants. Processing fee of € 10,- will be charged.

Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnification Agreement

The organizer has no liability for damages against participants, should the organizer be entitled to – because of forces majeures – or be obliged to- by authority directives or for safety reasons – to make modifications in the realization of the event or to cancel it. Entry fees are not refunded.
The organizers and their legal representatives and auxiliary persons are only liable in case of wilful and wantonly negligent behaviour.
The organizers are not liable for health risks of the participants pertaining to the event. The organizers assume no liability for objects stored free of charge.

Age classification and results:

According to the Sports Regulations triathletes must be born in 2003 or before

M  Men, W  Women.

The birth year applies.

M/W18-23 age group

M/W24-29 age group

M/W30-34 age group

M/W35-39 age group

M/W40-44 age group

M/W45-49 age group

M/W50-54 age group

M/W55-59 age group

M/W60-64 age group

M/W65-69 age group

M/W70-74 age group

M/W75 age group

M/W Pro

Each group with at least one participant is classified.

Relay Race:

Each relay team consists of a swimmer, a cyclist and a runner, a minimum of 2 different persons have to built the relay team. The transition is in a separate park in the transition area that is correspondingly marked.  Relay team members have different starting numbers than the rest of the field. The competition briefing, the starting procedure, the services in the finishing area and the prize ceremony correspond to the other regulations. Women, men and mixed relay teams are allowed.  Realy team members must be at least 18 years of age on competition day.

Cash prizes:

Cash prizes will only be given to professional athletes with a valid license.

Here you find the detailed information about Pro Athletes Prize Money and Points.

Time Taking:

Time-keeping is done by race result.

Please use the Chip from race result, you will get at the registration! If the lending chip is not returned after the event at the bike check-out EUR 50,- will be charged.

Time Limits:

Swimming: 1 hour 10 min
Swimming and cycling: 5 hours 30 minutes
Total: 8 hours


There are sufficient supplies for participants during and after the competition. After the competition a varied selection of drinks and food is offered in the finishing area.

Participants are allowed to deposit their own supplies at the the end of the official food stations. This must be done either by the participant or the participant’s private helpers.

Care and Medical Care:

At the start, at transition zone and in the finishing area are outpatient care stations. An additional mobile emergency medical official is on duty on the cycling and running route and in charge of medical and rescue service.

Other Participation Rules:

Relay Competition
The relay competition takes place within the scope of the race on the Challenge distance (1.9km-90km-21km). That is why all information on starting times, routing etc. also applies to the relay competition. Transition between team members is effected by handing over the transponder chip in separate areas of the transition zone.


The swim route is in Lake Walchsee
a) Wearing of swimming caps provided by the organizer is compulsory.
b) Wetsuits are allowed under the following conditions: Agegroupers to 24.5°C.
If water temperatures exceed more, the wearing of wetsuits is not allowed.


Two Loop of 45km each have to be conquered.

a) No drafting! A drafting zone of at least 3 x 12m at the back of each participant is relevant. Continuous riding next to each other is not allowed and punished with disqualification. Possible time penalties must be passed in a penalty box on the bike course. More information is given at the competition briefing.
b) Each participant must wear an approved cycling safety helmet with closed chin straps. Helmets must remain structurally unaltered and correspond to the safety regulations of an officially recognized testing authority.
c) Upper-body clothing is obligatory.
d) Starting numbers supplied with the starting materials must be fixed to bicycles and helmets.
e) The helmets have to be handed in with the bike at the bike check-in.
f) The starting number on the person must be worn at the back of the jersey.
g) Brake handles must point backwards.
h) The road traffic regulations StVO must be observed on the entire route.


On the roads and trails around  Lake Walchsee
a) Participants must not be accompanied by non-participants.
b) Each participant must wear upper-body clothing.
c) The starting number must be worn on the front of the jersey.


Each participant is jointly responsible for collecting intermediate times and end time. The time-taking device must be worn during the competition in accordance with the organizer.

b) Instructions by the race direction, medical officials, rescue services, police and firefighters must be complied with.
c) Starting numbers must not be reduced in size or changed in any other way.
d) Protests can be filed only in writing and upon deposit of EUR 25 according to the ÖTRV sports regulations.
e) Bikes are returned in transition zone upon return of the time-taking chip and showing the bib.
In case an own device is used, the assignment to a bike is done by reading the chip’s data.
f) Each participant gets three transition bags.
g) The organizer reserves the right to make short-term changes.