Challenge Swim – June 28th, 2019

Challenge Swim
The Open Water Swim competition will take place on 28th June 2019.

You can choose between three distances,
750m sprint distance,
1.900m middle distance and
3.800m long distance.

A competition for all, who want to try open water swimming or prepare for a sprint, middle or long distance triathlon, or for swimmer, who want to do a fast swim with time taking in a group.

Challenge Swim

Time Scheduele

Friday 28.06.2019

Time Activity Location
10:00 am – 3:00 pm Registrations

ATTENTION: Late entries possible until 2:00 pm!!!!

Sport- and Eventcentre Walchsee
5:00 pm Start Challenge Swim Lake promenade Walchsee – Cafe See la Vie
7:00 pm Prize ceremony Lake promenade Walchsee – Cafe See la Vie


Sprint 750m  1- Lap

Middle distance 1,9 km – 1 Lap

Long distance 3,8 km – 2 Laps mit Landgang

Time limit: 2 h

Entry fees and distances:

Challenge Swim Sprint 750m

until 28.2.: 15 Euro
1.3. until 30.4.: 19 Euro
1.5. until 23.6.: 24 Euro
24.6. until 27.6.: 29 Euro
Late entry: 29 Euro

Challenge Swim Middle distance 1,9 km

until 31.12.: 15 Euro
1.1. until 28.2.: 24 Euro
1.3. until 30.4.: 29 Euro
1.5. until 23.6.: 34 Euro
24.6. until 27.6.: 39 Euro
Late entry: 39 Euro

Challenge Swim Long distance 3,8 km

until 31.12.: 19 Euro
1.1. until 28.2.: 29 Euro
1.3. until 30.4.: 34 Euro
1.5. until 23.6.: 39 Euro
24.6. until 27.6.: 44 Euro
Late entry: 44 Euro

Chip: the rent is 3 Euro (It is invariably to use the rental chip of race result, which is to be returned immediately after the competition, otherwise € 50, – will be charged!)

The entry fee includes the following services:

Race organisation
Water rescue
Boot support for  water security
Timming taking with race result
Free Access to the lake
Swim cap
Finisher medal
After Race Buffet


a) Registration takes place via online registration on the internet. (

The right to a starting place is only in effect after receipt of payment, provided that there are sufficient starting place capacities.

The list of starters can be viewed on the Internet.
Should the above-listed account not be credited within 14 days after entry, the entry can be cancelled.

b) Participation is an exclusively personal right and each participant must pick up their starting materials in person and be in possession of a valid starting pass, which must be presented in conjunction with an ID card/passport at the distribution office or at other control spots of the organization. Without starting pass a one-day membership must be acquired. Participants of the relay race need no starting pass or no day membership respectively.

c) Exchanging of starting places is not possible. The organizer reserves the right to reject entries for reasons important to them or to issue a suspension respectively.
The organizer also has the right to any time disqualify athletes for reasons important to them in agreement with the competition jury. Participants that have been disqualified for obvious fraud will get no starting permission for the following two years.

Cancellations and partial refund of starting fees

Exchanging of entries is not possible.

A partial refund of the starting fee is possible for participants who cancel in writing to a certain date (receipt):

– February  28, 2019:  Entry fee minus € 10,-

– April 30, 2019: Entry fee minus € 15,-

After this date no refunds are possible. Possible bank fees are to the expense of participants.

Age classification

1,9/3,8 km distance – 4 age groups: 16-22    23-39    40-49    50+

750 m Distanz:  – 3 age groups: from 14 (born in 2004) – 22, 23-39, 40 +

If there are not enough starter (less then 20), the Sprint 750m will be only one age group.

Prize ceremony

the first 3 of each age group m/f get prizes. The overall winners get a trophy.

If there are not enough starter (less then 20),  will be only one age group female and male.

Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnification Agreement

The organizer has no liability for damages against participants, should the organizer be entitled to – because of forces majeures – or be obliged to- by authority directives or for safety reasons – to make modifications in the realization of the event or to cancel it. Entry fees are not refunded.
The organizers and their legal representatives and auxiliary persons are only liable in case of wilful and wantonly negligent behaviour.
The organizers are not liable for health risks of the participants pertaining to the event. The organizers assume no liability for objects stored free of charge.

Challenge Swim