Here you can find all the information for travelling and racing in Austria. Please go through it step by step and take care that you have got all the forms which you will need.

Last update: 1st, June 2021

From June, 10th there will be new entry rules. People from Croatia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Sweden and Cyprus can enter Austria  without the obligation of quarantine. The ‘3G-rule’ still applies. Therefore, a letter of invitation from us is no longer necessary.

When entering Austria, you had to fill out a Pre-Travel-Clearance form. This will also only be necessary for people who enter from high-incidence and virus variant areas or if you enter without verification (3-G rule).

Last update: 24th, May 2021

Entry to Austria

Since May 19th, new entry rules have applied to Austria. It depends from which country you want to enter Austria:

1. safe countries: 3G rule, no quarantine

For vaccinated, recovered and tested persons the quarantine is note necessary and the entry is possible.

3G Rule means:

Tested: Antigen testing 48 hours or PCR testing 72 hours.
Recovered: People who have already had a disease are exempt from testing for six months from the date of recovery or antibody test which is not older than three months;
Vaccinated: vaccinated with an approved vaccine. 22nd day and no longer than three months after initial vaccination or nine months after the second (or only necessary) vaccination.

A corresponding certificate must be carried in German or English. This medical certificate will be accepted upon entry. Vaccinated persons should carry their vaccination certificate and for tested persons the test certificate (digital or print) is sufficient.

These countries currently include Andorra, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Principality of Lichtenstein, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, South Korea and the Vatican.

2. at-risk states: No quarantine for vaccinated and recovered persons.

Stricter rules apply when entering from a high-incidence state. There is no quarantine for vaccinated and recovered persons. Those who have only one test must be quarantined for at least five days. The invitation form eliminates the quarantine. This means the athlete must be:

Tested: Antigen tests 48 hours or PCR tests 72 hours.
Letter of Invitation: The Letter of Invitation has to be filled out and signed by us. Please fill it in and return it to until June, 16th. We will confirm the document that allows you an entry to Austria without quarantine and send it back to you.

These countries include: Croatia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Sweden and Cyprus.

3. virus variant states: PCR test and quarantine

Entry is severely restricted and only possible by PCR test and quarantine. If this concerns you, please contact us!

These countries include Brazil, India, South Africa, and UK

4. Entry from other countries (and Anlage B2)

Entry from other countries (not in Anlage A, B1 or B2 mentioned) or mentioned in Anlage B2 is normally not allowed and only possible in exceptional cases. The invitation form allows you to enter Austria without quarantine. When entering Austria persons must be vaccinated, recovered and tested.

If this concerns you, please contact us!


Do not forget a valid photo ID

In most countries return travel is also possible without quarantine with a negative test if you travel for business reasons (what you do with our invitation). We do not have influence on the return travel so please check that with your own country.


Kaiserwinkl is where the Tyrol starts or ends, depending on which direction you are coming from. Preliminary location information: Munich is 101km from the Kaiserwinkl area, Innsbruck is 107km away and Salzburg 74km. This is a truly central location.

More info
Travel & Accommodation

Challenge Kaiserwinkl-Walchsee Magazin

Getting there by car

Coming from Germany (Munich) on the A8 to Rosenheim, then A93 direction Innsbruck. Exit the autobahn at Niederndorf and continue on the B172 to Kössen, Walchsee, Schwendt and Rettenschöss. This route will save you paying the Austrian autobahn toll.

From east Austria (Salzburg): Leave the A8 at Bernau direction Reit im Winkl. Turn off to Kössen at Marquartstein.

Getting there by plane

Three international airports are within one and a half hours drive from Kaiserwinkl

Munich Airport: approx. 130 km
Salzburg Airport: approx. 75 km
Innsbruck Airport: approx. 93 km

Also for your airport transfer you can use the shuttle service by Four Seasons Travel directly to Kössen, Schwendt, Walchsee or Rettenschöss.


If you are arriving by plane to Munich, Salzburg and Innsbruck we recommend our partner Four Seasons Travel Transfer Service!

A click on the logobutton and you are directly in the booking portal.

Travel & Accomodation

Getting there by train

Best connected Train Station is Kufstein. See the travel times from various European cities to Kufstein in this map (PDF, German).

From Kufstein you have two options: Take the local Bus line 4030 to Walchsee (35 min.) or Kössen (50 min.) or book the  Kaiserwinkl Shuttle directly to your accommodation.

Kaiserwinkl on rail: When booking a package deal directly through tourism Kaiserwinkl Incoming the transfer from Kufstein Train Station to the hotel and back is included free of charge!

Travel time map Europe to Kufstein


From Kufstein directly to your accommodation in Kaiserwinkl

From Kufstein Train Station the Kaiserwinkl Shuttle operated by Four Seasons Travel brings you directly to your accommodation in Walchsee, Rettenschöss, Kössen or Schwendt.

Only € 16,- per person
(one way, from 2 persons, up to 75% discount for children, incl. bicycles)


Imperial accommodation – middle-class rates!

The Kaiserwinkl region offers the perfect accommodation for any athlete. Accommodation ranges from lakeside campsite to farm houses to 5-stars hotels. There is something for everyone!

It is advisable to book early, as the rush in the last years has been very great.

The tourism information has all the information about the region Kaiserwinkl and helps you in finding your suitable accommodation.

The tourism information has all the information about the region Kaiserwinkl and helps you in finding your suitable accommodation.

Travel & Accommodation

In addition we  can recommend you the following Challenge Partners for accommodations:

Travel & Accommodation
Travel & Accommodation
Travel & Accommodation
Travel & Accommodation
Travel & Accommodation
Travel & Accommodation


Challenge Kaiserwinkl-Walchsee
Winter Camp

January 16th – 20th 2019


To guarantee the safety of the athletes during the competition, the bike and run courses must be fully or partially blocked.

A detailed list of road blocks and obstructions can be downloaded here.

We thank you all for your understanding!