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At the Junior-Challenge Kaiserwinkl-Walchsee on 25 June 2022, it’s the day for the kids.

The competition will be an Aquathlon for girls and boys until 19 years, who can handle the given competition course without any help.

25 June – it’s on!

Race information

The online registration of the Junior Challenge is opened up to and including 21 June 2022.

Attention: No late entries are possible.


Access to the start number collection is only possible if the 3G rule is adhered to. Children under 10 years of age are exempt from this rule.
The 3G proof will be checked before entering the registration! After showing your confirmation, you will receive a wristband to be allowed to enter the race area.

Location of Registration: Alleestraße 24, 6344 Walchsee

3G-rule means:

  • Tested: Antigen tests (valid for 48 hour) or PCR test (valid for 72 hours, Medical certificate required!)
  • Recovering: People who have already been through an illness are exempt from the obligation to test for six months from the time of recovery. Medical certificate required!
  • Vaccinated: Vaccination with an approved vaccine. From the 22nd day and no longer than three months after the first vaccination or nine months after the second (or only necessary) vaccination. Medical Certificate required !!


The swim start, the finish and the transition area are in a closed race area (“bubble”). All children and accompanying persons need a Race Bubble wristband in order to enter this area. You can get this wristband directly from the Control Station before picking up the race number.

Each child may only be accompanied by one person into the Race Bubble. This companion must register in advance using this form..

Masks are required in the Race Bubble. The masks may only be removed shortly before the start. Masks are then distributed again in the finish area.

ATTENTION: Our volunteers are not allowed to help the children in the transition area. So only children who can change their clothes themselves should participate in the race.


The award ceremony will take place on 3 pm in the finish area. The top three will be allowed to step on the podium, all others will be named one by one individually. We ask for your understanding that we cannot take a group photo this year.

Catergory Age Group Swim Run
Schüler F – Challenge chicks from 2016 15m 100m
Schüler E – Challenge pinguins 2015 and 2014 25m 300m
Schüler D – Challenge gerbils 2013 and 2012 50m 500m
Schüler C – Challenge Kiddies 2011 and 2010 100m 1000m
Schüler B – Challenge Teens 2009 and 2008 200m 2000m
Schüler A – Challenge Youngsters 2007 and 2006 400m 3000m
Youth 2005 and 2004 400m 3000m
Juniors 2003 and 2002 400m 3000m


Swim courses:
The swim is on clearly marked courses in the Walchsee. The start is near the Standcafe See la Vie below the triathlon park.

Run courses:
The run course is a flat course in the triathlon park and surrounding area.


Date Time Activity Location
Friday 25-06-2021 10:00 – 19:00 Registrations (Late entries possible until 17:00!) multipurpose hall Walchsee
Saturday 26-06-2021 08:00 – 09:00 Registrations multipurpose hall Walchsee
Saturday 26-06-2021 10:00 Start Schüler F – Challenge chicks
Saturday 26-06-2021 10:10 Start Schüler E – Challenge pinguins
Saturday 26-06-2021 10:20 Start Schüler D – Challenge gerbils
Saturday 26-06-2021 10:45 Start Schüler C – Challenge Kiddies
Saturday 26-06-2021 11:15 Start Schüler B – Challenge Teens
Saturday 26-06-2021 11:45 Start Schüler A – Challenge Youngsters, Youth and Juniors
Saturday 26-06-2021 15:00 Award ceremony Junior Challenge Finish Area

Start List

Look at the start list of CHALLENGEKAISERWINKL-WALCHSEE 2022!

You will receive your starting package before the race after you tell us your starting number (will be assigned 1 week prior the race) and show us your ID card.

Want to join the Junior Challenge?