Here you can find a few questions you might have about Challenge Kaiserwinkl-Walchsee. If there is anything you can still not find, don’t hestitat to contact us by mail


When is race day?

June, 21st – 23rd 2024 – you can find the detailed schedule here.

How much does an entry cost?

The entry fee depends on when you register.

The table with all dates and prices can be found here.

Do I have to buy a day licence?

Participants without an annual license of their national federation have to buy an Austrian day license.

What is included in the entry fee?

All included services can be found here

Is there a waiting list if the event is sold out?

If the event is sold out you can put your name on a waiting list.

Are there other competitions and side events?

In addition to the middle distance triathlon on Sunday, there is also the possibility to complete the middle distance as a relay or to take part in the Aquabike (Swim/Bike) competition.

On Saturday there are further side events with the Junior Challenge (organised as an Aquathlon)  and the Challenge Women (5km run).

How many slots are there for THE CHAMPIONSHIPS SAMORIN?

There will be 6 slots in each age group and a roll-down to 13th place. The allocation will be done via email.

How can I cancel my entry?

You can find the cancellation and rebooking options for 2025 here.

Who do I contact for race photos?

Your personal race photos are available at

Where can I find the ÖTRV (Austiran triathlon federation) sport rules?

You can find the ÖTRV Sporting Regulations on the ÖTRV website under this link.


Which distances have to be mastered?

Challenge Middle Distance: 1.9 km swim, 90 km bike, 21 km run

Challenge Aquabike: 1.9 km swim, 90 km bike, 21 km run

Junior Challenge: will be held as Aquathlon, course length depending on age, see here.

Challenge Women: 5 km run

Where can I find the course maps?

You can find the course maps here:

Challenge Middle Distance

Challenge Aquabike

What are the cut-off times?

Swim: 1h 10min
Swim + Bike: 5h 30min
Swim + Bike + Run – total: 8h 30min

In which age group or category do I start?

The age groups are determined by the year of birth.


M/F 18-24 2006 – 2000
M/F 25-29 1999 – 1995
M/F 30-34 1994 – 1990
M/F 35-39 1989 – 1985
M/F 40-44 1984 – 1980
M/F 45-49 1979 – 1975
M/F 50-54 1974 – 1970
M/F 55-59 1969 – 1965
M/F 60-64 1964 – 1960
M/F 65-69 1959 – 1955
M/F 70-74 1954 – 1950
M/F 75+ 1949 – 1945



M/F 18-29 2006 – 1995
M/F 30-39 1994 – 1985
M/F 40-49 1984 – 1975
M/F 50-59 1974 – 1965
M/F 60-69 1964 – 1955
M/F 70+ 1954 and older



Schüler F M/F 2019 and younger
Schüler E M/F 2018 – 2017
Schüler D M/F 2016 – 2015
Schüler C M/F 2014 – 2013
Schüler B M/F 2012 – 2011
Schüler A M/F 2010 – 2009
Jugend M/F 2008 – 2007
Junioren M/F 2006 – 2005

How does a relay participation work?

The Challenge Kaiserwinkl-Walchsee middle distance can also be completed as a relay.

Each team member completes one discipline , the timing chip is handed over in the transition zone. At the end, the entire team may run together over the finish line.

A relay team must consist of at least 2 persons, whereby one person must complete two disciplines.

A relay team can be a women-only relay team, a men’s relay team or a mixed relay team. The participation fee depends on the time of registration. You can find more information here!

What kind of nutrition do I get during the race?

All information about nutrition during the race and tips for the right nutrition before and during the race can be found here.


Are there partner hotels or where can I find accommodation?

In addition to our official race hotel Das Walchsee Sportresort you will find other partner accommodations on our website. The Kaiserwinkl Tourism Association will also be happy to help you find suitable accommodation.

Where is Walchsee and the Kaiserwinkl and how do I get there?

All information about the location and how to get to Challenge Kaiserwinkl-Walchsee can be found here.