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Our new Nutrition Partner offers a XENOFIT TESTBOX, which contains many of the products that you get at the Challenge Kaiserwinkl-Walchsee aid stations.

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Nutrition & Aid Stations

Aid stations on the BIKE COURSE:

Aid station 1  at KM 18
Aid station 2 at KM 34
Aid station 3 at KM 62
Aid station 4 at KM 78

SET UP of the Aid stations on the BIKE COURSE:

Littering Zone  | Water | Electrolyte | Bars | Bananas | Electrolyte | Water| Littering Zone

Aid stations on the RUN COURSE:

The Run Course has 2 Aid stations per loop, located approximately 2 km apart.

SET UP of Aid Stations on the RUN COURSE:

Littering Zone | Red Bull | Coke | Water | Electrolyte |  Bars | Gels | Fruits | Electrolyte | Coke | Water  | Littering Zone