Challenge Kaiserwinkel-Walchsee and Challenge St. Pölten working closer together

The two Austrian Challenge Family races will work more closely together in future as Challenge Austria. Expertise and strengths will be pooled in many areas and the athletes will also benefit from this collaboration. There is already a transfer option between the two races for this season. As a special goodie, athletes who are unable to race can even transfer their entry to the other race for €59 up to one day before the race day.
“It is very important to us to continuously develop and improve our events. Together we are pursuing the goal of being able to offer the athletes an unforgettable experience,” said Nina Schwarz from the Challenge St. Pölten organisation team and Ilona Klingler from Challenge Kaiserwinkel-Walchsee.
At the annual race director meeting in Barcelona, it was also decided that the Challenge Austria races are going to take place under the motto “Ladies First”. The premiere took place in St. Pölten last year and this year the Challenge Kaiserwinkel-Walchsee will follow suit. The two main races on Sunday will be opened by the professional ladies. On the one hand, this ensures more attention for the female professional athletes, and on the other, more excitement during the race. Who will come back from the bike course first? Will there be an overtaking manoeuvre on the bike, or will the lead only change hands on the run course? The organizing teams are looking forward to an exciting race.