Powerbrains – The Sports Nutrition Quiz: Powerbar Launches Podcast with Well-Known Names from the World of Sports.

Munich, Germany – 14.03.2024 – The podcast landscape has a new addition to its new addition to its portfolio: “Powerbrains – The Sports Nutrition Quiz”. The podcast powered by Powerbar promises compact knowledge transfer and entertainment on the topic of sports nutrition in a special show format consisting of a (sports) nutrition quiz and interviews with well-known names from the world of sports. These include Sebastian Kienle, Joey Kelly, Ditaji Kambundji, René Adler, Imke Salander, Maren Schiller, Otto Bulletproof and many more.

The podcast, produced by Podstars by OMR, can be heard every second Thursday wherever podcasts are available and is also available as a video podcast on the Powerbar YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/@PowerbarEU.