Challenge Kaiserwinkl-Walchsee decor for 2021 Middle Distance Triathlon, Aquathlon and Aquabike European Championships

With pride, passion and lots of enthusiasm CHALLENGEKAISERWINKL-WALCHSEE announces that next year the 2021 Middle Distance Triathlon, Aquathlon and Aquabike European Championships will be organized at the iconic race in Austria. “After a year in which we had to cancel a lot of races, including CHALLENGEKAISERWINKL-WALCHSEE, it is even more special that we can announce this spectacular news right now. This European Championships will reunite thousands of athletes in the beautiful surroundings of Kaiserwinkl-Tyrol”, says CHALLENGEFAMILY CEO Jort Vlam. ”It will reunite our ‘family’.”

CHALLENGEKAISERWINKL-WALCHSEE would already organize the 2020 ETU European Championships this year, but due to the coronavirus this could not take place. Next year there will be a new chance and the race will be organized including three different European Championships. While the 2021 Aquathlon European Championships will take place on June 24th, the 2021 Middle Distance European Championships and 2021 Aquabike European Championships will take place on June 27th. CHALLENGEKAISERWINKL-WALCHSEE has always been characterized by the fact that it is a multi-day event and that will only be more in 2021. Not only the fact that there will be several days full of spectacular races, but also the beautiful surroundings, friendly, hospitable people and good accessibility make CHALLENGEKAISERWINKL-WALCHSEE a race for the whole family. For spectators it will be all the more fun now that there will be a battle for the European titles.”

According to Vlam, CHALLENGEKAISERWINKL-WALCHSEE is a perfect host for the 2021 Middle Distance Triathlon, Aquathlon and Aquabike European Championships. “The swim is situated in a lake with crystal clear waters, athletes will ride their bikes through at least as beautiful a landscape between mountains and also the run is dominated by spectacular nature views. We can’t wait to welcome all the athletes here and offer them an unforgettable experience.” 

Gerd Erharter, Chairman of the Kaiserwinkl Tourism Association, adds: “The region is very happy that after the cancellation of the European Championships in 2020, it has now worked again with the award for 2021.” Of course, Mr. Erharter hopes “that the European Championship in 2021 can take place again under normal circumstances and that the “Kaiserwinkl” region can warmly welcome all athletes.”

Transfer to European Championship series

It is possible to transfer your entry to the European Championship series, in case you already registered for the Open Middle Distance Triathlon, Aquabike or Aquathlon. Please be aware that you need confirmation from your national triathlon federation first. All athletes will receive more information about transferring to the European Championship series soon.