Thomas Davis tips to racing Challenge Kaiserwinkl-Walchsee

British triathlete Thomas Davis is one of the young guns in middle distance racing and a name to remember. With these first hand information about a proper race weekend preparation you will definitely race with confidence.

The race starts the day before with fueling and hydration.

  • Keep an eye on your fueling the day before, especially hydration. Keep a water bottle handy, and try to sip on it regularly throughout the day.

Make sure you are familiar with transition.

  • It’s a large area in Walchsee and can be confusing in the middle of the race when you are under pressure, so make sure you familiarize yourself with the layout before the race – not only where you leave your bike, but also the bags

Get into your wetsuit with plenty of time, and use the warm up to acclimatize yourself to the water.

  • With it being a beach start, you won’t be able to ease yourself into the lake at the start of the swim, so make sure you have got comfortable with the water before the start. The warm up is an ideal time to do this.

Stay in control of your pace in the swim.

  • Find yourself some space at the start of the swim, and settle into your own rhythm. It’s better to lose a few seconds here, than wasting energy getting tense and panicking during the swim.

Set off steady on the bike – there are some testing climbs on the course and you can definitely get over excited.

  • If you go out too hard here, then you will pay later on. Take the first lap as a chance to get into a rhythm and experience the awesome scenery that you will be riding through, then you can decide where to push on the second lap if you are feeling good.

Make sure you keep on top of your nutrition throughout the bike, as the run is testing, but great with the support all round the course. Also as you pass through transition 4 times on the run, friends and family will get plenty of opportunities to see you and offer encouragement, so most of all enjoy the run.

Once you’ve finished, make sure to sample the highlights that the town has to offer. You’ve worked hard, and now you’ve finished is the time to take it all in, and enjoy what is a stunning race.